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Judge Biographies

Robert Silverberg, the greatest living science fiction writer, is the author of more than 40 novels and 250 short stories in the genre. He has won the Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Awards and was awarded the Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master title of the Science Fiction Writers of America in 2004. Among his novels are Dying Inside, The Book of Skulls, A Time of Changes (Nebula 1971), Up the Line, The Masks of Time, Shadrach in the Furnace, The Stochastic Man and Lord Valentine's Castle, the opening volume of his famous Majipoor series. He edited the original anthologies New Dimensions and Legends, and the second Universe series. He was a finals judge of the Writers of the Future Contest for several years.

David Drake is the author of the bestselling Hammer's Slammers series. Originating in Galaxy Magazine in the mid-seventies and quickly moving to novel form, these are the best and best known works of military science fiction in the genre's history. His short stories have appeared in Omni, Analog, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and many original and reprint anthologies.

Barry N. Malzberg's Beyond Apollo was in 1973 the winner of the first John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the best science-fiction novel of the year; he twice won the LOCUS Award for nonfiction books of critical history and commentary on science fiction. Several short works have been final-listed for the Nebula and Hugo and Engines of the Night and Breakfast in the Ruins, the nonfiction works, were on the Hugo final ballot for Best Related Nonfiction as is his collaborative book with Mike Resnick, The Business of Science Fiction. He was sole judge of the 1980 Writers Digest Short Story Contest.

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